The State Press Magazine is an independent print and digital magazine at Arizona State University founded in 1999. The magazine publishes three print issues per semester and works alongside The State Press, ASU's largest independent student run news publication. 

Cover Photos

Elephant In The Room

Regional Winner of the SPJ Mark of Excellence Award - Photo Illustration

GIT Award Winner 

College Republicans United, a Trump-oriented spin-off group of College Republicans, emerged in early 2018 at Arizona State University. State Press reporter Isaac Windes looked into the organization in an investigative piece called The Elephant in the Room, which was published in Issue 2 of the year for State Press Magazine. The story investigated allegations of racism, incendiary social media and controversial symbolism. This photo set illustrates the fracture within the conservative groups on ASU's campus. Read the full story here.

The Labor Issue

State Press Magazine's fourth issue of the year covers labor in many shapes and forms, from issues involving food service contractors, foreign labor or overpaid university affiliates. This cover photo aims to articulate the idea of labor in an eye-catching composition. The photo itself was taken by suspending tools with fishing line in front of a bright yellow background.

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