Bellino Fine Linens has provided exquisite luxury linens for the bed, bath, and table to the North American market since 1991 and are one of the most distinguished luxury brands in the industry.

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Founded in 1947, the Phoenix Boys Choir develops character, discipline, leadership, global awareness and a strong commitment to excellence, guaranteeing every member a world-class music education and one of the most significant experiences of his life.

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This project is a visual presentation on the value of music education in public schools. With cutbacks in funding for education, arts programs such as orchestra or band are often the first to face budget restrictions or be eliminated altogether. This project explains why reducing or eliminating funding for arts programs is ultimately detrimental to students. The final form of the project is displayed online through a program called Readymag, a digital tool for presenting projects, which allows for the written aspect of the project to fall seamlessly with the visual component. The visual component of the project is made of photographs captured on site at interviews, performances and practices, as well as in a studio.

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Voices and Vistas is an annual fundraising event hosted by the Phoenix Boys Choir each spring. The event features a concert by the Grammy Award-winning Phoenix Boys Choir, sunset contrails and an internationally inspired menu by acclaimed Chef Vichai Karmakhan. This event is held at Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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The State Press Magazine is an independent print and digital magazine at Arizona State University founded in 1999. The magazine publishes three print issues per semester and works alongside The State Press, ASU's largest independent student run news publication. 

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