Founded in 1947, the Phoenix Boys Choir develops character, discipline, leadership, global awareness and a strong commitment to excellence, guaranteeing every member a world-class music education and one of the most significant experiences of his life. The Phoenix Boys Choir is the only Grammy-Award Winning boys organization in Arizona that develops character, discipline, and global leadership through the power of music.

As a Communications and Marketing Assistant, I played a significant role in developing a variety of content and deliverables. These projects ranged from concert photography, event branding, social media content creation, video, print design for brochures, flyers, invitations and more.

  • Visual Branding

  • Digital Content Creation

  • Photography & Videography

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Graphic Design Projects

Concert Season Branding  A Blueprint For Peace

The Phoenix Boys Choir’s 73rd season’s theme, “A Blueprint for Peace,” addresses the challenging issues our nation faces and demands an immediate response. The Phoenix Boys Choir aims to use their voices to sing about a world where social and racial injustice is eradicated; where we choose to stand together in solidarity. The four concerts, whether virtual or in-person, were created to challenge choristers and patrons to reflect on how their lives, specifically actions and choices, can make a difference towards equality within their neighborhoods, community, country and ultimately, the world.

The visual design of each poster was created with this message in mind and aims to communicate a complex and serious subject, while still capturing the attention of the viewer and representing the organization. The concert designs were created in a way that would be cohesive when placed together, yet each poster still maintains its individual style and tone. This project remains a work in progress and will eventually have a fourth poster and design to complete the season branding.

PBC_CourageousJourney_Draft copy.jpg